What services do you offer? - who is eligible for your services?

We offer a variety of services to our clients, each with their own requirements:


SEO & Social Media - Creators with a following of 50,000 subscribers or more
Taxes & Accounting - Creators with a following of 100,000 subscribers or more
Improved Content & Workflow - Creators with a following of 100,000 subscribers or more
Company Branding - Creators with a following of 100,000 subscribers or more
Investment Management - Creators with a following of 250,000 subscribers or more

You can learn more about the services we provide and what they entail by going to our homepage or clicking the "Services" tab in the site navigation bar.

I publish my Content to a platform other than youtube - Can i still use your services?

Of course!

While the majority of our clients are YouTubers, we also work with Twitch streamers, Vimeo producers, and other social media personalities.

Regardless of what type of content you create or what platform you use to publish, you can benefit from our services!



will i need to meet with your team in-person?

You can use our services without ever having to travel! 

We manage clients remotely, which lets us work with clients from around the world.

You will be given contact information for the team member assigned to your channel, so you'll always be up-to-date on any changes regarding your business.

how will i communicate with the creator alliance?

You can reach us via Skype, email, phone, or Google Hangouts.

We're always willing to work with you if you prefer another method of contact - just let us know, and we'll work with you to make sure you can reach us whenever you need to.



Will i have to leave my network to use your services?

Nope. The Creator Alliance is not an MCN. We work with your network. 

Networks are a great way to earn revenue from your online content. Instead of trying to compete with them, we work side-by-side with our clients' current networks to ensure that they have access to all of our services without sacrificing the benefits their network provides. 

If you aren't partnered with an MCN, don't worry. We're happy to work with you directly!

How much do your services cost?

Well, the short answer is: it depends.

Because we offer a wide range of services applicable to content creators on all platforms, our pricing varies depending on the client.

Once you fill out the contact form, we'll create a fee schedule based on your channel for each of the services you requested. Filling out the form is not binding in any way, and you can change your service selection once you receive your custom quote.